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what is virtual reality and how can we bring you the world that you live in from a completly different angle ?

From Wikipedia: Virtual reality is a simulation of the environment,
using a computer or mobile phone in the user gives the illusion that your computer
is truly realistic environment that simulates a computer that is not using the
computer. Virtual reality systems simulate the entire space in which the user is
a different environment. Virtual reality is used for entertainment,
learning, and training.
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Virtual reality world is gaining momentum,it stated and developed rapidly thanks
to the porn industry, and now you can get the experience
of virtual reality in 2 main ways. One by cell phone use while placing it inside
a special facility in the form of glasses designed to simulate reality.
The second - the use of a dedicated console containing special glasses that include
the necessary hardware to simulate reality much higher level from the past.

here we will take you into a journey around the world with videos and footage
created in VR for you to expirience the world as you never imagined doing
so without beeing in the place.

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As an example: 
Google as part of their cultural project, decided to publish a web video exhibition
named Rio:
Beyond the Map will take us on a tour of Brazil Favellas combination of virtual
reality and video clips 360 degrees.
That way you will learn a bit more about the poorest part of Brazil ,
one of the most prominent features and landmarks in the country